This is a department page for the course currently known as FYE

This course is an introduction to the power, structures and functions of the American Government and Political System. Fundamental is a critical examination of the institutions and players who interact in the processes of American politics.

Introduction of the institutions and politics of state governments with special emphasis on Michigan.

This course is designed as an introduction to Middle East and North African Politics (MENA) through a comparative framework.  By utilizing established techniques of comparative analysis and concepts we will focus on the internal political, social and economic processes and actors in the Middle East.  Additionally, the events of the “Arab Spring” on domestic power structures will be carefully examined.  Additionally, this will be an in-depth study of politics and foreign policy in the Middle East.  Therefore, we will also examine Middle East politics as it relates to international relations and organizations.  For example, we will examine issues such as the very important Arab-Israeli-Palestinian relationship, specific interstate rivalries in the Middle East (Iran v Iraq), the role of super-power politics, ongoing Middle East Peace negotiations, the political economy of oil, and the effect of religious diversity on politics, among others. We will look at the history, development, and locus of power in Mid East Politics.  Because of these wide-ranging dynamics, this is a course in both comparative politics and international relations.


Additionally, this course serves as the fora through which AQ prepares and participates in the Michigan Model Arab League.