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The Aquinas Chemistry Society is a student chapter of the American Chemical Society, a professional society of chemists with over 165,000 members worldwide. Everyone is welcome to join ACS at Aquinas and participate in our events. For more information, contact Dr. Jensen or any of the ACS officers.

Application of chemical concepts to eco-systems; implications of chemical technology to the social and physical environment.

A continuation of CY111. Topics include coordination chemistry, descriptive inorganic chemistry, electrochemistry, equilibria, kinetics, and thermodynamics.
Three hours of lecture and one three-hour laboratory periods per week.

A two-semester introduction to chemical research. The first semester will begin with a literature search on the research topic and will include beginning laboratory work. Literature search will include Chemical Abstracts and other data-retrieval systems for information on the theory and method needed for the project. The second semester will consist of laboratory work and will conclude with a seminar on the results of the project.

The Mohler-Thompson Research program provides support for student-faculty teams to perform research in natural sciences and math during the summer.