Dear Catholic Central Dual Enrollment Students,

Congratulations on taking your first or second college class.  Welcome to BS200, Fundamental of Organizations.   This course is intended to provide students a broad overview of the complex and dynamic contemporary world of business.  This course will illustrate how human capital; HR management, marketing, production, supply chain, and finance are major functions that work together to help owners, employees, and consumers reach their objectives.  Contemporary Business will introduce basic organizational concepts and terminology. You will learn to view and provide a manager/leader perspective toward working with a wide variety of people and situations with emphasis placed on the internal and external environments.  We will also explore the economic, social, legal, and political environments that affect doing business in the United States as well as globally.  Through lecture, discussion, case studies and news events, students will be exposed to various aspects of organization operations. Topics to be covered will include management, leadership, marketing, finance, culture, entrepreneurship, supply chain, and production. Throughout the course, additional resources will incorporate ethics, current events, and international perspectives to the topics under discussion.


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